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Dragon Carp 2mm Anti Tangle Tubing -Stoney Gravel
 per packet
Dragon Carp Line Aligners -Weedy Green
 per packet
Dragon Carp 2mm Anti Tangle Tubing -Muddy Brown
 per packet
Dragon Carp Sit & Beg Line Aligners 29mm -Stoney Gravel
 per packet
Dragon 8mm Stoney Gravel Rubber Beads
 per packet
Dragon Heli/Chod Leadcore Leaders-Stoney Gravel
 per packet
Dragon Carp Line Aligners 20cm -Muddy Brown
 per packet
Dragon Carp 0.6mm Silicone Tubing -Stoney Gravel
 per packet
Dragon Leadcore Leaders - Stoney Gravel
 per packet
Dragon Lead Clip Leadcore Leaders - Stoney Gravel
 per packet
Dragon Carp 0.6mm Silicone Tubing - Muddy Brown
 per packet
Dragon Shrink Tube Stoney Gravel 2mm
Dragon Shrink Tube 2mm -Brown
 per packet
Dragon Shrink Tube 1.6mm -Brown
 per packet
Dragon Carp 3.7mm Rig Rings
 per packet
Dragon Carp 4mm Rig Rings
 per packet
Small Bivvy Light / Power Bank System
Large Bivvy Light / Power Bank System
ECG Boilie Air Dry Bag
Complete carp rig system
Sit up & beg line aligners 29mm -Weedy green
 per packet
Withy Pool line aligner 28mm -Stoney Gravel
 per packet
Silicone Sleeves - Muddy Brown 20mm
 per packet
Kick Off Line Aligners - Muddy Brown
 per packet
Dragon Heli/chod sleeves - Stoney Gravel
 per packet
Black Bivvy Pegs - 10 Pack
 Pack of 10
Air Dry Boilie Bag 36 x 11 x 36cm (572)
Beanie unhooking mat/weigh sling
5 Compartment Gravel Egg Shot dispenser
 6 dispensers
5 Compartment Weed Egg Shot dispenser
 6 dispensers
Back Leads (Backleads)
 Pack Of 3
Saucer Smooth Back Leads
 Pack of 10
Matt Hayes - 1mtr Mimic Leader Easy Clip
Matt Hayes - 1mtr Green Leadcore Leader - Looped
Matt Hayes - Round Rig Rings 3.1mm
Matt Hayes - Size 6 Barbless Teflon Coated Boilie Hooks
Tip & Butt Protectors
 Each Pair
PVA Bagger Swivels size 8
Rings Swivels size 8
Quick Change Heli/Chod Swivels size 8
Dragon Carp 0.6mm Silicone Tubing - Weedy Green
 per packet
Dragon Carp 1mm Silicone Tubing - Weedy Green
 per packet
DC Carpers no.2 Action Pack - Stoney Gravel
Sixth Sense Shrink Tube 1.5mm Clear
 per packet
Tungsten Putty - 20g High Density Black Tungsten Putty
Distance Stick Set
Unhooking mat
Total Carp PVA Tape 30m Spool
 per Spool
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Firebrand Groundbaits (breadcrumb)

Firebrand 6mm Soft Hooker Pellets

Anglo Arms .22 Pointed Pellets - 40pc in Tin (Sample Pack)

Dynamic Stalker - 6ft, 2pc, 2.0lb TC High Carbon Rod

Premier Windbeater Carp Controllers

Premier Mushroom Pellet Wagglers

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